International Businesses

As an international business located in the Netherlands, you are likely to have some Dutch employees. In the hiring procedure, emphasis will have been placed on the candidate’s command of the English language, so in general your employees’ English is of a good standard.

But have you noticed that despite their good command of the English language, your employees still seem to be missing slight cultural and diplomatic nuances in their oral and written communication and that these gaps can cause miscommunication, especially in sensitive situations ?

Maatwerk in Engels offers tailor-made courses and in-company coaching for employees of international businesses, in which the focus is specifically on what is needed to communicate well in their particular positions. Topics that can be covered are oral communication, meetings, both with colleagues and clients, written communication, performance evaluations, presentations and any other topic that is relevant to the current situation of the employee.

I will be more than willing to come in and discuss possibilities for your company.

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